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Summary of Q&A session at Fans Forum

Q: Darren Eadie to Russell Martin: So, was it off the shin?
RM: Yes!!
Russell said he was pleased to score as the team had been working on attacking set pieces to get more goals around the team.

DE commented that RM was almost a local as he’d been in Norwich so long now, which raised a laugh from the audience!

Q: DE to Sebastien Bassong: Are you the only player to get 2 promotions in one season, one with Watford and one with Norwich?
SB: Yes, I think so!!

SB said he was pleased to be back in the team here as the team gets lots of love from the fans!!

Q: DE asked Youssouf Mulumbu if he has a target date for getting back fit?
YM: Yes but doesn’t want to rush back, needs to make sure everything is ok.

YM said he’d settled in well and he’d been welcomed into the squad but they were mean to him in pre-season, as they made him sing!

Q from audience: How often do you see the curly finger from Alex Neil?
RM: Not often but they have seen the stare, which is quite intense!!

RM and SB went on to say that everyone knows their jobs in the team, they will always have a go and that the manager and players would run through brick walls for each other.

A younger member of the audience asked the next question to Russell.

Q: What did you think about your goal against Brighton?
RM and our audience member both agreed they liked it!

Q: What do the players do to relax?
SB: Like to spend time with the family and travel the world in the off-season, it’s only a short break, so they have to make the most of it.
YM: Have to make sure the fitness levels are kept up and be fully prepared for pre-season.
RM: Spend time with the family.

Q to RM: What are the Captain’s responsibilities?
RM: Young players come to him for advice and he’s the link between the players and the Management team.

Q: How important are the fans at games?
All of the players responded with, vital!! The fans travel the length and breadth of the country to support the team!
Players from other clubs like playing at Carrow Road because the fans pack it out week in week out.

Q: How is the atmosphere at the training ground?
RM: There’s a definite buzz under Alex Neil! The players have a spark and the manager doesn’t let the standards drop.

Another question from a younger member of the audience to RM:
Q: What do you want to do after playing?
Russ’s answer was quite short! Become a Manager!

Q: How long have you been playing professional football?
RM: About 11 years, Russ started late but always had that inner drive to succeed. “I wrote to every football league club and Wycombe responded.” The players appreciate the jobs they have.
SB: It’s a hard commitment to play football and football is a special world. You’re away from your family and have to learn to grow up quickly.

Q: What is the standard of refereeing at the moment?
We moved on quickly from that question!!
RM and SB said they both hated to see players surrounding the referees as it makes you lose focus on the game.
YM admitted he was grumpy and a bit of a moaner!!

Q: Is it strange playing against your team mates at International level?
RM: When he was away with Scotland he was asked about Wes’ qualities “he’ll nutmeg you, go round you and his only weakness is he’s only 5’ 7’’!!
YM: Good to go away on International duty, you normally come back to your Club nice and refreshed.

Q to RM:
Was it difficult to switch from Right back to Centre back?
RM: Started his career as a CB, moved to RB at 21 and now moved back again!
SB: Regular CB partnerships are a benefit as sometimes you don’t have to even speak to each other, just a look will do, as everyone knows their jobs.

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